The use of screw compressors with LA PADANA control system “driven” variable speed represents the most advanced technical solutions, simple and effective way
to control the production of air according to requirements.
This system will generate significant benefits.
The energy saving is, without doubt, the greatest benefit of using the system “driven” with respect to different technologies and alternative methods of regulation.
Example of energy saving. In compressors, the flow is directly proportional to the speed of rotation. Reducing the speed of rotation of the engine by 30% compressor flow rate will therefore be reduced by 30%.
Energy consumption, however, is reduced by about 65%, as can be seen from the chart below. Relationships between Flow, Pressure, Speed and Power are listed below.

This calculation is illustrative and any technician can check your application in the real energy savings. Suppose that the
compressor is used on a paint shop, where the flow of ‘air may vary due to manufacturing. Consider a nominal power of 30
kW compressor used for an average time of 8 hours daily for a period of 200 days a year. With an average daily operation
of: 4 hours at rated flow, 2 hours in mid-flow, 2 hours to reach the fourth when the compressor is powered directly from
the mains power consumption provided for one year will be: Annual electricity consumption = 30 kW x 8 hours x 200gg. =
48,000 kWh.

Operation in mid-flow: To operate at half capacity, the engine will operate at a speed of 50% of rated speed. The output frequency of the ‘inverter will
be halved. The power required by the engine to work at 50% speed will be equal to one eighth of rated power, then only 3.75 kW. Operation at a quarter
capacity: To work at a quarter the size, the motor must rotate at a speed 25% of rated speed. In this condition, the power consumption of the motor will
be equal to only one sixty-fourth of the rated power, then only about 0.5 kW. Annual electricity consumption with “DRIVEN” = [(30 kW x 4 h) + (3.75 kW
x 2 h) + (0.5 kW x 2 h)] x 200gg. = 25,700 kWh

The flow and pressure will be adjusted by varying the data from the electronic card the “driven” and the rotation speed of the compressor motor will
adjust the data set. In electrical compressor “driven” in-house incorporating different devices that simplify the installation ela commissioning of the
machine. The high brightness display system “driven” on the front panel are adjusted all the settings, working and maintenance of the compressor.


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