CONTROLLER Mod. Logik 200


The Logik 200 is an industrial electronic controller, suitable for the correct management of a screw compressors room and air system. It must be composed of at least 2 compressors, up to a maximum of 12 compressors. It communicates with the compressors via RS485 serial connection, it is available for Logik 9, Logik 19, Logik 26 and Logik 33, up to a 400 mt. Logik 200 is equipped with a color touch screen, an RS232 serial connection (for ethernet interface), a port for pressure trasducer, a temperature probe for control the ambient temperature, an alarm connection and 230 V power supply.

A weekly calendar is available for automatic management of the system with maximum of 20 repeated programs with weekly cycles. The possibility of changing the working pressures and the switch-on and switch-off times of the system. The controller has been designed to guarantee constant pressure in the air system, It manages with intellingent and balanced manner the compressors, through three different ways of use: Balance hours, Priority and Smart.

The first function, balance hour, uses the compressors equitably, as to guarantee the equal work of these.The priority function gives the possibility to decide the sequence of compressors, it establish the principal machine and secondary machine.
The smart function is designed to obtain the best performance of the screw compressors system with maximum energy savings.

This function is particularly effective if the compressors are equipped with inverter.


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